Sterling Real Estate Advisory

The REIT Manager is Sterling REIT Asset Management Limited (“STREAD”) a private company incorporated in October 2013 and licensed by the CMA as a REIT Manager.

Life at Konstruktion

When you are an employee owner, you feel personally invested in providing exceptional service to the diverse group of clients and industries we work with as a company. It’s part of believing in a shared fate mentality and that’s exactly what sets us apart. At Konstrution, we value the presence of a family-oriented culture, where we support and challenge our employee owners to be their best. We work together as a team and value quality and integrity in all the work that we do.

The core business of STREAD is offering real estate asset management and advisory services. Real estate asset management essentially involves the active investment management of real estate assets by trained professionals. Since the introduction of REIT regulations by the CMA in the Kenyan market in 2013, Sterling REIT Asset Management Limited has offered real estate asset management services to REITs under its REIT Manager license.

As a real estate asset manager, Sterling REIT Asset Management Limited singular objective is to formulate long-term strategies that will ensure optimum returns for the underlying shareholders of the real estate assets under management (or REIT assets under management) over the long-term.

This includes overseeing the execution of the real estate strategy, and ensuring that the efforts of all relevant service providers, including property management, sales and marketing teams, align to the policies and processes outlined in the long-term strategic plan that is designed to ensure optimum yields from the real estate assets over the long-term.  It also includes making decisions on the acquisition of quality real estate assets that display attractive long-term yields and disposal of real estate assets whose long-term yields are diminishing using world class methodologies.

Since 2013, STREAD has been involved in commercial real estate advisory assignments with institutional investors and provided guidance to several potential promoters considering setting up D-REITs and I-REITs.